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We offer a wide variety of alloy wheel and tire service

ranging from basic repair to cosmetic makeovers

WheelCosmo is a full service car and truck wheel repair company located in Azusa, California, in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley. Here in our solar powered, state-of-the-art facility our technicians expertly straighten bent rims and artfully repair cosmetic wheel damage to aluminum wheels.

Each of our technicians has undergone rigorous training with using our cutting edge tools to restore rims and wheels, machining away signs of curb rash, scrapes and gouges. If you have a custom look in mind we also offer powder coating and painting services and can work with you to create the exact finish you’re seeking.

Our high tech CNC wheel lathe can diamond cut and refinish your rims to better than factory perfection as it cuts the entire face of your rim with a precision unmatched in the industry.

Tire mounting Our state of the art machine avoids damaging your wheel when mounting tires. Sale $9.99 each tire 30% OFF Tire mounting Road force balancing Improves your ride and the life of your tires and wheels assuring a perfect rotation and spin. State of the Tig Welding Machine Superior results in less time with our precision tig welding equipment. Bolt Pattern adjustment If the wheels you love don't fit your car we can customize them to fit perfectly. Get the exact wheels you want on your car Alloy Chrome Plating The highest quality mirror finish that is less prone to pitting and damage. in 5 working Multi-Piece Wheel Repair Nitrogen Tire Inlation European Tire Paste Lubricant