Welcome to Wheel Cosmo!

Full Service Wheel & Tire Shop

From straightening to chroming and custom painting

our experienced technicians can handle it all.

Wheel Cosmo is a one-stop full service shop for all of your wheel needs.

We use cutting edge technology along with tools we’ve developed in-house to completely restore your wheel to factory new condition.

Below is a short list of our more popular services.

  • wheel repair
  • wheel reconditioning
  • wheel straightening
  • wheel remanufacturing
  • wheel refinishing
  • wheel painting
  • wheel powder coating
  • wheel chroming

In addition to our services we stock hundreds of like-new re-conditioned OEM wheels for your car or truck.

We also carry a wide variety of tires in many sizes.

High Tech Refinishing

We use the latest CAD CNC technology to restore your wheels to a factory perfect finish

Detail and Polishing

Every wheel is hand finished to a high level of brilliance and shine.

Heat Treatment

Painted wheels are heat treated in our special oven, baking on a long lasting finish.

Wheel Painting

We guarantee the quality of our painted finish for as long as you own your car.

Wheel Chroming and Plating

The highest quality mirror finish that is less prone to pitting and damage. in 5 working days. 1 wheel warranty.

Hi Tech Tig Welding

Superior results in less time with our precision tig welding equipment.

Better Tire Mounting

Our state of the art automated machine avoids damaging your wheel when mounting tires.

Road force balancing

Improves your ride and the life of your tires and wheels assuring a perfect rotation and spin.

nitrogen tire inflation

Nitrogen tire Inflation

Improve the life of your tires and refill them less often!

Bolt Pattern adjustment

If the wheels you love don't fit your car we can customize them to fit perfectly. Get the exact wheels you want on your car

Multi-Piece Wheel Repair

We can handle complex jobs that are beyond many wheel repair shops